AAC+14 [chapter]
José João Almeida, Sílvia Araújo, Nuno Carvalho, Idalete Dias, Ana Oliveira, André Santos, and Alberto Simões.
The per-fide corpus: A new resource for corpus-based terminology, contrastive linguistics and translation studies.
Working with Portuguese Corpora, pages 177-200, 2014.

ASS10 [paper | poster]
J.J. Almeida, A. Santos, and A. Simoes.
Bigorna - a toolkit for orthography migration challenges.
In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10), Valletta, Malta, may 2010. European Language Resources Association (ELRA).

RSR+10 [paper]
A. Rocha, A. Santos, D. Rocha, H. Silva, J. Mendes, J. Freitas, M. Coelho, M. Regedor, D. da Cruz, and P.R. Henriques.
AGile, a structured editor, analyzer, metric evaluator, and transformer for Attribute Grammars.
In INForum 2010, Braga, Portugal, 2010.

SA11 [paper | poster]
A. Santos and J.J. Almeida.
Text::Perfide::Bookcleaner, a Perl module to clean and normalize plain text books.
In Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN2011), Huelva, Spain, 2011.

SAC12 [paper | poster]
André Santos, José João Almeida, and Nuno Carvalho.
Structural alignment of plain text books.
In Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12), Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012. European Language Resources Association (ELRA).

San11a [paper]
A. Santos.
A survey on parallel corpora alignment.
In MI-Star 2011, Braga, Portugal, 2011.

San11b [msc thesis]
A. Santos.
Contributions for building a Corpora-Flow system, December 2011.

San12 [msc thesis]
André Santos.
Mining biological parameters from literature: an application to environmental decision support systems, November 2012.

SNL12 [paper]
A. Santos, R. Nogueira, and A. Lourenço.
Applying a text mining framework to the extraction of numerical parameters from scientific literature in the biotechnology domain.
Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal (ADCAIJ), 1:1-8, June 2012.

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